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Barbari bread

with sesame and Za’atar, "Nontoki", tomato salsa and green harissa

Egyptian fava beans confit

black Persian lime marmalade and olive oil

Turpan pickles
Cabbage, carrots, kohlrabi, celery in Japanese pickle, lemongrass and raisins

Pickled garlic cloves    |

in Golpar and tamarind   

Syrian olives  

walnuts and pomegranate concentrate


Small plates

Cig Kofte 

Tabbouleh from Istanbul in lettuce on ice, spicy pepper salsa & Mediterranean “Kimchi”, almond powder

Padron peppers xo  

xo sauce, vinaigrette sherry tomato, chimichurri, sourdough bread and herbs

Yellowtail sashimi  

smoked fish ponzu & lime, fermented chili pepper, cilantro, spring onion

Grilled green salad  

Rustic seed cracker, Uzbek raisin, green aioli with lime

Polenta Fricassee for 2    

Grilled pickled tongue, Za’atar aioli, Sumac onion and herbs

Polenta Fricassee for 2    

Grilled pickled tongue, Za’atar aioli, Sumac onion and herbs

Beef Sambusak    

Caramelized onion, dried mint, Sichuan chutney, crispy vegetables & spicy salsa

Crispy smoked asado 

Giant beans, smoked tomato & lemongrass vinaigrette, garlic, caramelized cashews 

צלחות קטנת

Large plates

Grilled Sea bass in Sujuk  

Yemeni bread with turmeric & Fenugreek, roasted tomatoes, seed & nuts, chili lime vinaigrette, chili pepper  

Wild Dorade filet in smoked paprika   

Corn crème, black garlic, Shatta chili, cilantro, fried almonds

Lamb Kebab in Druze pita    

Roasted eggplant and almond milk vinaigrette, sabzi, chili oil and pepper Sambal

Smoked Lamb Short Ribs      

Lamb broth with Sake & mirin, grilled sticky rice, lemon grass chili marinade, fresh lettuce & Sabzi

Grilled duck in shiitake & Sichuan salt

Wild mushrooms and shiitake, white miso with tamarind

Grilled Tenderloin Skewer

Salsa verde, mashed lima beans & Demi-glace

צלחות גדולות



Almond milk and Zahar water, rice noodles, rose and almond sorbet, raspberry coulis, candied roses and pistachio nougat

Red fruits & chocolate 

Cherry chocolate ganache, dark chocolate mousse, cocoa crumble, red fruit coulis & hazelnut ice cream

Baba au rhum  

Nectarines, pistachio cream, pistachio cardamom crumble,lemon coulis, lemon grass ginger ice cream


Darya Restaurant serves seasonal and happy cuisine
The menu & prices are updated from time to time on the website, the price in the restaurant is the determining factor

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