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Barbari bread    |   30₪

with sesame and Za’atar, "Nontoki", tomato salsa and green harissa

Egyptian fava beans confit   |   17₪

black Persian lime marmalade and olive oil

Turpan pickles     |   19₪

Cabbage, carrots, kohlrabi, celery in Japanese pickle, lemongrass and raisins

Pickled garlic cloves    |   19₪

in Golpar and tamarind   

Syrian olives   |   17₪

walnuts and pomegranate concentrate

Padrón peppers   |   19₪


Small plates

Cig Kofte   |   58₪

Tabbouleh from Istanbul in lettuce on ice, spicy pepper salsa & Mediterranean “Kimchi”, almond powder

Grilled green salad   |   82₪

Rustic seed cracker, Uzbek raisin, green aioli with lime

Tuna Spicy Tartar   |   88₪

Chili, yellow curry vinaigrette, crispy onion, caramelized cashew nuts

Yellowtail sashimi   |   88₪

smoked fish ponzu & lime, fermented chili pepper, cilantro, spring onion

Trout Confit salad   |   96

Nontoki bread, seed & nuts, green oil, Golpar vinaigrette

Crispy smoked asado    |   89₪

Giant beans, smoked tomato & lemongrass vinaigrette, garlic, caramelized cashews 

Beef Sambusak     |   86 ₪

Caramelized onion, dried mint, Sichuan chutney, crispy vegetables & spicy salsa

Polenta Fricassee for 2   |   86 ₪ 

Grilled pickled tongue, Za’atar aioli, Sumac onion and herbs

צלחות קטנת

Large plates

Grilled Sea bass in Sujuk   |   148 ₪

Yemeni bread with turmeric & Fenugreek, roasted tomatoes, seed & nuts, chili lime vinaigrette, chili pepper  

Wild Dorade filet in smoked paprika   |   158₪

Corn crème, black garlic, Shatta chili, cilantro, fried almonds

Lamb Kebab in Druze pita     |   126₪

Roasted eggplant and almond milk vinaigrette, sabzi, chili oil and pepper Sambal

Smoked Lamb Short Ribs       |  163₪

Lamb broth with Sake & mirin, grilled sticky rice, lemon grass chili marinade, fresh lettuce & Sabzi

Grilled duck in shiitake & Sichuan salt   |  158₪

Wild mushrooms and shiitake, white miso with tamarind

Grilled Tenderloin Skewer   |   188₪

Salsa verde, mashed lima beans & Demi-glace

צלחות גדולות


Fallude  |   62₪

Almond milk and Zahar water, rice noodles, rose and almond sorbet, raspberry coulis, candied roses and pistachio nougat

Red fruits & chocolate   |   62₪

Cherry chocolate ganache, dark chocolate mousse, cocoa crumble,
red fruit coulis & hazelnut ice cream

Baba au rhum   |   62₪

Nectarines, pistachio cream, pistachio cardamom crumble,
lemon & lime coulis, lemon grass ginger ice cream


Darya Restaurant serves seasonal and happy cuisine
The menu & prices are updated from time to time on the website, the price in the restaurant is the determining factor

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